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Sağlıkta Verimlilik, Kalite ve Akreditasyon Dairesi Başkanlığı

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Quality Standards in Health

Updated: 26/09/2018

Health Quality Systems in Turkey, which is one of the four basic building stone of the Health Quality Standards, to all health institutions and organizations offering services in Turkey reveal the targeted level of quality and has been developed to provide guidance for implementation.

SKS sets public in Turkey, it is formed so as to cover all the institutions and organizations providing health services in private and university status.

The SKS sets are a tool for scoring systems, standards and guidance statements for evaluation criteria and auxiliary documents included in the annexes as well as a tool that minimizes the risks that may be encountered during the health service and provides the management of risks.

In order for the quality studies in health to be carried out effectively and consistently, various auxiliary guidelines published by the Ministry of Health together with the Quality Standards in Health should be considered and implemented with a holistic perspective.

The Quality Standards in Health are prepared on the basis of the World Health Organization targets, international developments and the needs and priorities of the country health system with a systematic approach. During the standard preparation studies, opinions and suggestions of the users and related experts are taken by various methods and especially the field practitioners are included in all processes related to quality studies.

Click here for the standard preparation algorithm.