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Sağlıkta Verimlilik, Kalite ve Akreditasyon Dairesi Başkanlığı

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About the Opinion and Proposal for "SKS 112 Set"

Updated: 12/09/2018

Our General Directorate is carrying out revision studies on SKS 112 set prepared and serviced within the scope of emergency medical services in 2011. The revision draft of the SKS 112 Set was developed in the framework of the Standard Development Algorithm and the feedback from the current scientific publications, international studies and practitioners was evaluated in the process. As a result of the studies carried out together with the General Directorate of Emergency Health Services, the draft set has been given final shape and presented to you for your comments.

It is important that all stakeholders in this framework, both institutionally and individually, communicate their opinions and proposals on the standards in the SKS 112 Set, as well as the new SKS 112 Opinion and Suggestion Platform.

It is especially expected that the contributions of all health workers, especially the health workers taking part in 112 emergency health services, will be realized within the framework of knowledge and experience.

You can convey your comments and suggestions via the platform up to 13.04.2018

Department of Productivity, Quality and Accreditation in Health.