T.C. SAĞLIK BAKANLIĞI Sağlıkta Verimlilik, Kalite ve Akreditasyon Dairesi Başkanlığı
T.C. SAĞLIK BAKANLIĞI Sağlıkta Verimlilik, Kalite ve Akreditasyon Dairesi Başkanlığı

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Accreditation in Health

Updated: 01/10/2018

Fundamentals of Health Accreditation activities in Turkey is based on the work initiated under the Health Transformation Project in 2003. One of the important stages of these studies, which are carried out with the aim of cak Quality and accreditation for qualified and effective health service ve, is the preparation of the standard sets to be used by the Ministry for accreditation of health institutions.

In 2012 the first steps towards forming the basis of the requirements of the quality work of reaching an international identity Health Accreditation System in Turkey was laid in May. Interviews with ISQua (The International Society for Quality in Health Care), the accrediters of the creditors, were officially initiated on 20 March 2013 as a result of the studies. Ilk ISQua International Principles for Healthcare Standards Q was examined in detail within the framework of the negotiations signed with ISQua and the contract signed.

In this context; In accordance with the ISQua principles and Article 8 of the Decree Law No. 663, the duties of the General Directorate of Health Services shall be defined in the sub-clause I) to determine and implement the rules of quality and accreditation in health services.

Turkey's healthcare quality needs, taking into account the principles of international and national level made quality work and the World Health Organization Health Services General Directorate of Health by the Quality and Accreditation Department "SAS (Accreditation Standards in Health) has been prepared.

• The following SAS sets were accredited by ISQua.

• Health Accreditation Standards (SAS) Hospital Set

• Health Accreditation Standards (SAS) Dialysis Kit

• Standards for Accreditation in Health (SAS) ADSM Set

• Standards for Accreditation in Health (SAS) Laboratory Set

Following these developments, ISQua prepared by the Department of Quality and Accreditation in Health in accordance with the institutional structure requirements and 10/18/2015 date and 147 numbered right to use the authority the approval of the accreditation provided by SAS Kit TÜSEB Turkey Health Services has been transferred to Quality and Accreditation Institute.

On November 26, 2014 Image entered into force by being published in the Gazette 6569 No. "Turkey Institutes of Health Head of Establishment with some Law and the Law on Amendments to the Decree" in Article 4 (f) depending on tüseb with me to Turkey Health Care Quality and Accreditation Institute;

• To provide scientific contribution to the Ministry in determining the quality and accreditation rules in health services,

• Accrediting health institutions at national and international level,

• Make mutual recognition agreements with international and regional accreditation associations and organizations and accreditation bodies of other countries,

tasks are given.

Therefore, within the framework of the relevant legislation; The activities for preparing and publishing the accreditation sets in health and performing revisions if necessary will be carried out by the Department of Quality and Accreditation in Health.